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Since 2019
St. Louis, Missouri

What is the Gimme Golf Club?

It’s a place for people who love the game of golf and love the camaraderie that comes along with it. It's a club for everyone, and every skill level. It is a club of inclusion...everyone only.

Members have access to their own indoor clubhouse with simulators, putting green, and lounge (located in St. Charles, MO).

They also have access to multiple golf courses and the ability to play unlimited golf all for one low monthly price.

See below for different plans and join the club today.


Where can members play?

GGC members are able to play at 6 courses in the Greater St. Louis Region starting with limited restrictions*.

We also have a 5300 sqft clubhouse with indoor simulators and putting green for our members to use.

*Restrictions based on course access level

More courses may be added to the roster at any time.
If you are a course interested in joining the network, please contact us Here.

What is the clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is a one of a kind facility. A physical location for our digital community. For a GGC's home. It's a place to build friendships, create culture, and meet new people.

2 Trackman sims, 250 sqft of putting green, lounge, bar, and plenty of TVs to watch the big game.

The Clubhouse will be a member only club Mon - Friday (members can bring guests), we want to make sure our members have plenty of time to use the amenities. It will however be open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays. We want to see everyone, but membership has its privileges.

Official open date for The Clubhouse is set for March 1st. We will do our best to get members into the space before march 1st to experience it firsthand.

425 Clark St
St Charles, MO 63301

All memberships will require at lease a 6 month commitment
 (6 monthly payments).
Cancel anytime after 6 months.
Clubhouse Only
$75 / Mo
or, $750 / Yr
Daily free sim time
(1 hr / non-peak time)
& More
GGC Only
$75 / Mo
or, $750 / Yr
Unlimited golf
In GGC Network
& More
The Max
$125 / Mo
or, $1250 / Yr
Clubhouse & GGC
Membership, 50% off
sim rentals, & More
Are cart fees included?
Are there any restrictions to when I can play?
Can I bring a guest with me?
Can I cancel my membership?
How do I reserve a tee times?
How soon can I play after joining?
How do I stay connected with GGC members?
Are you adding any new courses and if so ...where?


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