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Why Gimme Golf Club?

Help Launch The GGC

Selecting a membership means you will be choosing to pay up front for services that will be available in March or April of 2020.*  We want the early bird to get the worm so we are being intentional about giving the best deals possible to our first members.  These deals will not be available after launch. This is an exciting time for golf in the St. Louis region. Join the club today.

OG Member
$500 for the entier year (45% Discount!)
Unlimited play from March 2020 Thru Feb 2021
Lifetime discounts on events and promos (TBD)
Access to Exclusive events throughout the year
Receive a swag bag with GGC merch for you to wear
Best deal
Summer Pass
$250 for 4 months of play ($50 off the regular price)
Unlimited play from Apriil 202 thru July 2020
Receive a GGC shirt
Perfect gift for that special person
Solid option
Monthly Member
$75 a month
Unlimited play for the month of April 2020
Great way to get your feet wet and see what the GGC is all about
not available yet